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Welcome to • Καλώς Ορίσατε • ようこそ • خوش آمدید is an online resource for backgammon clubs worldwide. It's the only database of its kind where club directors can directly update their club info and tournament results and get automated club standings and player statistics online without any manual calculation or hand editing of web pages.


November 2014 - has moved to a new server!

This move is accompanied by several enhancements to the system, including support for Unicode text rendering. As you can see in the Welcome greeting at the top of the page, the message is repeated in Greek, Japanese, and Farsi. This update allows club directors anywhere in the world to save player names, tournament names, etc., using their local language and writing system. See the Change History page for more details.

BackGames FAQ

What is the Club database?

It is a program to manage your club info online: club venues and meeting times, tournament results, club standings, master points, player ratings, etc.

It's been in use by the Grand Rapids Backgammon Club since 2001 and available online to other clubs since 2004 with over 100 clubs from around the world registered. It has proven invaluable in promoting the club activities and keeping interest up among the regular players. Every week there seems to be some discussion about the various club stats. The Nemesis Report (who's beating who) is especially popular and would be virtually impossible without a true relational database.

How does it work?

The program is accessed online through your web browser. Club info, player info, and tournament results are stored in the database. It takes only a few minutes to enter the tournament results for a typical weekly club event. Once the data is saved, club standings, player statistics, and other club info can be viewed as web pages on the internet which are updated automatically. These pages can be directly linked from any club website.

What's required?

All you need is internet access and a browser that supports CSS, Javascript, and has Cookies enabled, no other software is required. Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and others should work fine.

How much does it cost?

It's offered to club and tournament directors as "shareware" supported by donations. Try it out for a few months, if you find it to be a valuable resource (and we're sure you will), take up a collection among your local players and send a donation to help offset the cost of maintaining the database and server.

How do I sign up?

If you are a backgammon club or tournament director, you can register your organization to use the database program. Registered users will receive login and password access to the database with their own club account. Users are expected to abide by the Terms and Conditions outlined in the User Agreement.


Thanks to the club directors John Drexel (Grand Rapids BG Club), Carol Joy Cole (Flint Area BG Club), and Paul Berg (Metro North BG Club), plus Jim Slomkoski, Rudy Silich, Brion Brooks, and the many others who have provided valuable input and feedback during the design, development, and testing of this project.

Thanks to Russ Taber who designed the logo and provided the original server for this site. Contact Russ for any of your website and graphic design needs.

And a special thanks to my wife, Elizabeth, who affectionately pretends to tolerate this backgammon insanity and occasionally lures me out of the programmer's den with a hot meal or some other distraction.

Your site guru,
     Michael Darooge (aka "BluesRascal" on GamesGrid)


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